Консалтинговая группа «Кей Си Джи» - услуги по разъяснению вопросов, подтверждения соответствия продукции в ЕЭС

Our Capabilities

KCG Consulting Group provides services on clarifying matters related to validating product conformity with the requirements stipulated by the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan); including the comprehensive market analysis and selection of optimal solutions for drawing up documents without opening a representative office in Russia or the EAEU Customs Union.

We fruitfully cooperate with certification authorities, Rospotrebnadzor-related authorities, project institutions, expert organisations, laboratories, and scientific institutes. Jointly with our partners, we will help you find an optimal solution so you can successfully execute your projects in Russia and the Customs Union.

Company Portrait

Our personnel includes specialists having long-year experience in working at various certification centers and testing laboratories, in Russia and the EAEU. KCG offers manufacturers and suppliers the full range of services that help them import products to the Customs Union. We provide the end-to-end support from advising and cost estimation to assistance in obtaining all the types of permits, preparing technical documentation, technical translations, and all-the-way support throughout a permit's lifecycle. Both major international manufacturers and local product importers and small-scale self-employed persons are our established customers.

Having resorted to our assistance, companies are enabled to attain the following objectives:

Carry out primary certification for marketing products in Russia and the Customs Union

Redraw existing certificates and declarations that had not been legally compliant

Roadmap a proper logistics scheme with due regard to all the regulatory requirements

Solve product safety issues according to the EAEU requirements

To this end, we have no one-size-fits-all customer service procedure. We are convinced that every single enterprise is unique and needs a custom approach—this is the only way we can recognize the issues and suggest appropriate methods to address them. In view of this, we are ready to offer every customer a personalized roadmap ensuring full legal compliance. Our specialists are any-time ready to help you choose the most appropriate permit option, and optimise terms and costs.


Staying with us, you get superior service that includes the full range of assistance in importing your products to the EAEU and further distribution across the EAEU member states.

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    The primary mission of our services is defining whether it is mandatory to draw up the permits for importing and distributing the products in Russia and the EAEU member states; evaluating the complexity and costs of preparing those documents; consulting customers on technical legislation nuances; and helping organise an end-to-end workflow on designing the appropriate documents.
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    To submit a request for preparing a certificate or register a declaration of conformity to the EAEU Technical Regulations, the applicant has to be a legal entity or self-employed person, registered in compliance with the EAEU legislation, and be a manufacturer, distributor, or authority acting as a foreign manufacturer under the contract. KCG Consulting Group can be a Representative of foreign manufacturers in Russia and the EAEU member states
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    Seeking reliable partners

    Recently, the conformity validation market has met lots of intermediaries that provide fake services and sell questionable documents that are further rejected and entail problems for manufacturers, importers, and distributors. We care about our reputation. This is why, before entering into an agreement and recommend a partner to our end customers, we always verify every partner and analyse risks that the cooperation with them may lead to. We only work based on direct contracts with accredited entities, and never deal with enterprises providing questionable services.
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    Technical documentation and translation

    Drawing up the permits often requires a ton of specific technical documentation. Our specialists are massively experienced in working with technical documentation. Based on the task nuances, we can provide services on preparing safety justification, technical descriptions, specifications, certificates, manuals, and other documents required for drawing up the permits. We provide these services following information obtained from the customer. Once obtained, we translate the information and adapt it to the national legislation.
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    Drawing up the permits

    Depending on the type of products you plan to import to Russia or the Customs Unions states (EAEU), you will have to be aware of requirements that must be met before importing the products. Those may be unified conformity validation requirements under the EAEU Technical Regulations, or lots of requirements stipulated in the national legislation of the EAEU member states—namely certificates, declarations, opinions, permits, and other mandatory documents. We help correctly analyse legal requirements and find an optimal and compliant way to draw up the required documents, making the whole procedure almost effortless for our customers.
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    Deal and information support

    We ensure but are not limited to the end-to-end deal support, from primary advising to obtaining a required document. Above all that, we inform our customers of changes in the legislation, help adapt a permit to updated requirements or—if required by law—draw up a new one. After all, we monitor document validity periods, following the expiry dates or dates of mandatory inspections. Because of all these procedures, we can timely inform a customer of a necessity for taking measures to ensure further product distribution in the EAEU.
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    In a company, every workflow deals with drawing up documents. Digital signature (DSIG) can make routine way simpler, faster, and more secure. This scheme can streamline the document flow and compartmentalise the interaction with counterparties and governmental authorities. Also, DSIG helps reduce document processing and storage costs. As per Federal Law of Russia No. 64-FZ “On a digital signature”, a document certified with it shall be deemed as legally effective as a hard-copy document. Such documents can be used within a company, or sent to counterparties or regulators. At the same time, with a document secured with a digital signature, it is not necessary to provide a hard-copy document. To submit a request for getting a digital currency and calculate its price, use the online configurator.
Our services are not limited to advising and assisting in obtaining permits. We have extensive experience in the field of conformity validation and are ready—ensuring full legal compliance—to address tasks of any complexity related to effective exploiting of the Russian and the Customs Union legislation and cost optimisation.

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